Documentation Requirements

If we approve your request and award you a grant you must provide us with the following:
  • Within one month of receiving the grant:
    • A letter acknowledging receipt of the grant and the 501c3 status of your organization. Mail to: mediaThe foundation inc. WALKER 32932 Pacific Coast HWY #14-485 Dana Point, CA 92629
  • Within 6 months of completing the project:
    • For artistic content works: a copy of the work (DVD or a video tape or CD).
    • For artistic performances: video or DVD or photographic documentation of the performance if no copy of the content of the performance is otherwise produced.
    • Addresses/URLs of any web sites concerning the project.
    • Copies of any public relations materials.
    *You do NOT need to title or edit the video document; we accept the following formats: miniDV, DVD, or DVcam. *Note: mediaThe foundation will not publish or broadcast or otherwise use the work for anything other than archival and documentation purposes, descriptions of the foundationís activities or foundation promotional materials, without the granteeís prior written consent.

Credit and Acknowledgement Requirements

If we approve your request and award you a grant you must credit, in all PR and descriptive material for the project, mediaThe foundation inc. as a funder of the project. *Note: mediaThe is one word and only the letter "T" is capitalized in the entire name.

How to Apply